Friday, December 23, 2011

D'Oh: Scottish Couple Unearth 800-Year-Old Stone Carving...of Homer Simpson


Rosalind and Donald McIntyre of Fife, Scotland, found an amazing object while pottering around in their garden earlier this year: an 800-year-old stone head carving with more than a passing resemblance to cartoon character Homer Simpson!

Startled and more than a little curious about the intriguing discovery, Mrs. McIntyre took the object to the St. Andrew's Museum so the staff and curators could give their opinion of what it might be.  They held a meeting last week to try to shed more light on the discovery, but at the moment they remain 'completely baffled' as to the exact nature of the carving.

Mrs McIntyre believes it could be a gargoyle head from a former church in the area built in the 1200s. "We have had a lot of people saying how much it looks like Homer - it’s quite funny really. I think it is the shape of his head,"she says. "We looked all over the Internet looking for it. The most similar thing that we could find was a type of gargoyle that we saw in Peru, but we are a long way from Peru, so I have no idea what it could be."

Of course, looking like Homer Simpson is bound to exact a heavy burden on the person whom the statue was modeled upon all of those years ago. "There is no other word to describe it other than ugly, but we have become quite attached to it. He sits on the kitchen window now, and when we have people over they always comment on it," she reveals.

I wonder if somewhere in that garden, there isn't another statue head of a female, with an amazing, five-foot tall blue-rinse beehive hairdo and a string of pearls...

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