Friday, December 2, 2011

Nest of Vipers: Farmers Dump Bag of Cobras to Protest Bribery Scheme

"Bring me along to any protest to make a dramatic statement! My rates are reasonable..."

A group of farmers in India are as mad as hell over alleged government corruption and not going to take it anymore by showing up at an office and dumping a bag full of snakes on the floor, including deadly Indian cobras!

Apparently, the men were fed up over corrupt tax officials in Basti, India, asking repeatedly for bribes, so they decided to gather up as many slithering serpents that they could find, stuff them in a bag and dump them on the floor of the local tax office in a very dramatic protest statement. Chaos quickly ensued, as people began hopping up on tables and running for their lives as the snakes made a quick break for freedom.

"There was total chaos. Hundreds of people gathered outside the room, some of them with sticks in their hands, shouting that the snakes should be killed," says Uttar Pradesh state official Ramsukh Sharma. Fortunately, no one was bitten or injured during the chaos, and all the snakes were eventually rounded up safely by animal control experts.

Police are now in search of the two men, identified to be local farmers Hukkul Khan and Ramkul Ram. Although Khan is known to be a snake-charmer, his social skills with people... not-so-great...

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