Thursday, December 29, 2011

OMG: Norwegian Newscast Uses Eye Chart Displaying Cyber-Slang

"This is the segment where we tell our viewers calling in to STFU!"

Television presenters for the Norwegian news magazine program Dagsrevyen were left with some 'splainin' to do when an eye chart used as a visual aid regarding a story on aging pensioners was laced with mildly profane cyber-slang!

The segment featured two presenters flanking the blown-up graphic, which was clearly marked with abbreviated Internet acronyms such as OMG (Oh My God), WTF (What the F@#&!), STFU (Shut the F@#& Up!) and PWN3D (cyber-slang for P-Owned, which obviously the newsroom editors have been). The amusing televised moment has become a viral sensation throughout the Scandinavian nation as well as the rest of the world!

Regarding the sneaky text-speak debacle, newsroom editor Solveig Tvedt conceded that she and her team "hadn't properly examined the chart before going to air." She went on to explain, "We retrieved the picture from one of our image agencies and took it without taking a closer look. If we'd seen what it said we wouldn't have used it." Not taking the scrutiny too seriously, she humorously added, "I think it's good that people are following [the show] so closely." 

Maybe you need to check out one of those eye-charts at the optometrists' clinic, Solveig...

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