Monday, December 12, 2011

The Grinch of Pyongyang: North Korea Threatens to Shoot Down Christmas Tree Tower

"Look everybody, it's the Star of Bethlehem! Wait, that's a rocket from the North! Ruuunnn!"

The Christmas Grinch has been found this year, and he lives in Pyongyang, North Korea!

The atheist rogue nation of North Korea has threatened to shoot out the lights of a giant Christmas tree-shaped tower that neighbor South Korea plans to illuminate near the tense militarized border between the two countries!  South Korea plans to turn on about 100,000 lights on the 100 foot-tall steel tower in the shape of a Christmas tree at the top of Aegibong Hill for a second year, located some two miles from the border with North Korea. 

Government officials in the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, say that switching on the Christmas lights is an act of sheer propaganda because the twinkling beacons of hope will be visible with the naked eye from the major northern border city of Kaesong.  North Korea, ruled beneath the crushing dictatorship of mini-whack job Kim Jong Il,  believes the lights on the border of prosperous South Korea will be viewed by North Koreans as a sign of affluence of the South and will weaken the regime’s ideological control of its people, who are currently suffering through one of the worst famines in decades.          

So, the psychos of Pyongyang would shoot down a Christmas tree tower, but would let this hideous eyesore of a skyscraper, the decades-unfinished Pyongyang Hotel, stand?

"North Korea: Come for the charm, stay for the death sentence."


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  1. If they destroy the tree, no more food, no more oil, no more North Kirea. No kidding.


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