Friday, December 2, 2011

Uptown Girl: Christie Brinkley Handed Tax Bill for $500K

"This might be 1983 me, but I'm just as beautiful today!"

She was the inspiration behind ex-husband Billy Joel's Number One hit "Uptown Girl" and apparently her Uptown ways have landed Christie Brinkley in hot water...with the IRS!

Seems the Tax Man Cometh, and he wants a piece of Brinkley's estimated $80 million fortune
after a bill was filed by the IRS in Suffolk County, New York on November 21. The IRS is asking for a payment from the former super-model for $531,720 in back taxes. Brinkley maintains several real estate holdings in the exclusive enclave of the Hamptons on New York's Long Island, a playground for the wealthy and famous. 

She continues to model and act at a well-preserved 56-years-of-age. Brinkley rose to fame in the early-1980s as one of the world's most popular supermodels, posing for countless magazine covers and gracing the illustrious Swimsuit Edition cover of Sports Illustrated magazine more times than any other model. For the past year, she has been starring as Roxie in both the Broadway and London stage productions of Chicago. The still-beautiful star plans on debuting her own exclusive skincare line next year with L'Oreal, so we're sure she won't miss that $500K... 

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