Monday, December 5, 2011

Break Out the Popcorn: Lindsay Lohan to Check into Celebrity Big Brother?

Lindsay Lohan preparing for her performance in A Midsummer Night's Dream..

Break out the meth popcorn folks, the always brain-dead outrageous Lindsay Lohan has been asked to appear on the UK freak show reality series Celebrity Big Brother!

Producers for the show have allegedly flown out to La-La Land to meet with LiLo, and rumor has it that they've offered her a pretty scrumptious deal with lots of extra zeros. As everyone knows, legitimate work is hard to come by for the cracked out former star, due to her unreliability and sketchy behavior. Surely, LiLo can manage being her normal, annoying self in front of cameras in an enclosed space with nothing being expected of her but to make a spectacle of herself, something she does, even in her sleep! (See photo above.) As fellow space cadet celeb Tara Reid was a contestant on the last edition of Celebrity Big Brother, Lohan's addition would help continue the show's drug-addled track record!

There is one possible snafu in the plan, however: Lohan is still on permanent probation and has to complete her community service sentence, where she's been doing cool things like helping out in a morgue (preparing for her own future on the slab, real-life performance). Execs for the show are hoping a judge will forgo the sentence for a while to allow LiLo to jet away from the United States and to fly off to Jolly Old England. Seeing that a judge allowed Ms. Freckles to go to Italy for a fashion shoot earlier this year, we're sure they'll bend the rules for a "star" once again. But hey, all you mother's in prison out there, don't expect any special treatment when you want to see your children at Christmas! Star perks come first! It's the LAW!!!

As I reported earlier, former Culture Club lead singer Boy George is also being considered for the series, so these two former inmates should have lots to chat about...

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