Sunday, December 4, 2011

Icehole Brew: Man Survives for 3 Days in Alaskan Wild on Frozen Beer

"IceHole Beer: The Number One Choice of Brews in Frostbite Falls!"

A man braved the cold and wild frontier of Alaska, armed with little more than a case of beer!

Clifton Vial knew that he was in for a bit of trouble when his Toyota Tacoma became stuck in a massive snow drift some 40 miles outside of Nome, Alaska. The 52-year-old knew that he wasn't well-prepared to spend the night in the staggering cold, as he was only dressed in a thin jacket, jeans and sneakers, so there was no way he would be able to dig the vehicle out of the snow drift without risking frostbite to his tootsies and other extremities. He had his cell phone with him, but being out in the middle of nowhere, he couldn't receive any signal to call out for help.

Vial did have a fleece sleeping bag to snuggle into for some warmth, and he managed to stuff rags and tissue paper in this clothes and shoes as insulation against the bone-jarring temperatures, which dipped as low as minus 17! He would also turn on the engine and use the heater at intervals, being careful not to use up all the fuel or allow too much carbon monoxide inside the truck's cab.

He didn't have any food with him, but Clifton improvised when he realized that he had three cans of beer, that were now frozen solid. He cut off the lids with a hunting knife and managed to chow down on the frozen alcoholic concoction, giving him such much needed liquids and nourishment. Vial's wife and daughter were out of town, so he knew that no one was missing him, until he didn't show up for work. His co-workers contacted authorities after he failed to show up for a second shift.

Rescuers managed to find him using airplanes and ground search crews. He had spent a total of three days out in the cold, but showed no signs of frostbite or dehydration. He plans to return to work immediately, but promises to be better prepared for life in Alaska in the future!

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