Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hey, Asphalt! News Reporter Has Embarrassing Slip of the Tongue

It's probably the more novice reporter who draws the short straw that always gets sent out to do the mundane report of the first snowfall  of the season during the local news telecast.

Let's face it, the more seasoned reporter is not about to put on their goulashes and trudge out to the off-ramp to the interstate outside of Dogpatch to tell everyone that there is a light dusting of snow, a fact they could figure out themselves by simply opening up the door and sticking their necks outside.

So we really feel for this intrepid reporter, who is doing everything right and completely by the books during his run-of-the-mill report about the mild nuisance of a snow shower, until the end, where he confuses the word asphalt with another "A" word...

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