Friday, December 9, 2011

Godzilla Eats Christmas: Giant Radioactive Lizard Christmas Tree Inspires Holiday Fear

Godzilla on his way to trample the mall's Nativity scene. (Photo Credit: BuzzFeed)

Holiday shoppers in Aqua City's Odaiba mall in Tokyo, Japan, have an extra incentive to hurry up and get their shopping done: a monstrously-sized, fire-breathing, radioactive Godzilla Christmas tree!

Not content with terrifying the local children by throwing them on the lap of a strange man dressed in a fake beard and red suit, the mall decided to place the massive topiary in the center of the fashionable retail paradise. Funny, in all the films I've seen of Godzilla, hoards of people are always running away from the giant lizard with a look of abject terror on their faces, the look that says "I just peed my pants" as they run forward screaming while looking back at the massive beast!

No word if Godzilla's winged archenemy Rodan will be making an appearance in the mall as the Baby New Year...

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