Monday, December 19, 2011

Rudolph in a Can? Department Store Under Fire for Selling Canned Reindeer Meat

High-end English department store Harvey Nichols has come under fire from animal rights activists for selling reindeer meat pate in a can. The product, which retails for $30, is described on the label as an "Arctic Delicacy", an "Indulgent Winter Treat" and a "Farm Raised Relative of Rudolph".

Animal rights groups are calling for the product to be removed from store shelves, claiming it exploits the killing and abuse of wild animals. The product, which is also available for purchase on, is produced and sold by a London-based company called Edible. The meat is said to be produced from Swedish Arctic reindeer and is cured in cognac and spices. Edible claims on their website that the meat is "delicious served on hot, buttered toast and with a glass of brandy."  Constance Cooper, a spokesperson from Harvey Nichols, says "Our online stock has sold out due to the publicity and demand we've received. It's a seasonal product and stocks are limited so we will not be restocking prior to Christmas."

Activist group Vegetarians International Voice for Animals today urged Harvey Nichols to ban the product from its shelves. In a letter to the store, they wrote: "I understand that the reindeer meat you sell claims to be from farmed animals, this... raises concerns – as farming methods are likely to cause huge amounts of stress to animals used to relatively free range over wide areas."

The exclusive department store's Knightsbridge location announced it had already sold out of its stock of the canned reindeer meat and the product had also been removed from their online website as of today. 

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  1. *rolls eyes*

    I think it would taste like venison. Which is yummy.


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