Thursday, December 22, 2011

Polar Bear Express: Adorable Polar Bear Cub Siku Makes Cute Easy

An adorable orphaned polar bear cub has charmed the staff at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark.

Little Siku is currently being hand-raised by three zookeepers at the park after his mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed him. He is under twenty-four hour care and the seven pound cub is already drawing comparisons to the popular polar cub Knut from the Berlin Zoo, who tragically died last year after drowning in his pool after suffering from encephalitis.

Of course, little Siku, which means 'ice' in the Greenland native language Iñupiaq, will quickly grow into a much larger, highly dangerous killing machine. But, for now, he's cute, adorable and looks perfectly helpless and harmless falling fast asleep while having his milky-white tum-tum rubbed. You can be charmed by baby Siku in the video below:

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