Thursday, December 22, 2011

Volcano in Red Sea off Coast of Yemen Erupts

© NASA - MODIS Rapid Response System
A volcanic island located in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen has erupted, continuing a disturbing trend of high volcanic activity throughout the region...and the entire world.

Fishermen from Salif, Yemen, witnessed the eruption near Saba Island, in the Az Zubair archipelago, the Yemen Observer newspaper reported on Wednesday. The report described lava spouting 20 to 30 meters (about 65 to 100 feet) into the air as well as a moderate-sized ash cloud. The volcanic island rises from deep waters of the southern Red Sea, north of the Az Zubair archipelago.

The eruption in Yemen follows after a volcano in nearby Eritrea erupted in June of this year, after thousands of years of being dormant. The ash cloud from that erupting volcano temporarily disrupted air traffic across parts of the Middle East and Europe.

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