Friday, December 30, 2011

(Auto) Correct Behavior: When Mobile Phone Predictive Text Errors Attack

Photos Courtesy of The Daily Mail

As the wonders of technology advance seemingly every single day, we can sometimes be left exasperated by how new devices can out-think humans!

Case in point: The technology behind predictive text for mobile phone users has become so advanced it is resulting in some embarrassing miscommunications, leaving users more than a little red-faced and sometimes even breaking up relationships unintentionally!

Check out the above text where "Jenni" is trying to ask her significant other to spend more time "At Pat's" (a good friend or maybe a neighborhood tavern?). However, her mobile phone's predictive text app decided that she was trying to ask for some "time apart", which prompts a furious reply from her significant other! (Any bets on this couple remaining together?)

In another hilarious example, one user is trying to explain why she will be avoiding her friend with a sick son, because she is a hermaphrodite germophobe! She goes on to explain that she isn't really a hermaphrodite, just a girl with predictive text auto-correct!

Another user was horrified when the predictive text changed her question to a friend "Do you need any bleach at the store" to "Do you need anal bleach?" while another user's request for some Honey Bunches of Oats cereal became "Hindu Bunches of Oats".

You can view more definitely not suitable for work hilarious and embarrassing auto-correct blunders at the website Damn You Auto Correct!!!

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  1. Ditzy and Wilhemina's dance will be the next
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