Saturday, December 17, 2011

Honey of an "O": Hackers Turn Breakfast Cereal Website Explicit

Hackers decided to have a bit of fun with General Mills' breakfast staple Honey & Nut Cheerios by writing some not-so-family friendly messages and posting some naughty graphics on the cereal's official website!

According to the cereal giant, the kiddie favorite's website was hacked by pranksters who wrote the word "Sex" on the Honey Defender web game– which allows children to make their own Cheerios-themed comics while visiting the site. The hackers also decided to add some graphics to the page featuring the cereal's longtime commercial mascot Buzz the Honey Bee involved in some rather indiscreet activities.

The offending words and images were promptly removed from the website, but not before some screen shots of the comical episode were snapped so that the hackers can live on in infamy...

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