Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revenge of the Football Widow: Ex-Girlfriend Shames Former BF on National TV

"I'm here and you're not. Oh, you're a lousy lay, by the way..."
A woman exacted a very public revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend by proudly waving a banner proclaiming his infidelity for the entire world to see during a live football game telecast!

NBC cameramen picked up on the perky brunette in the stands with the over-sized poster telling her unfaithful ex that while he was sitting at home on his couch drinking beer all alone watching the game, she was in the middle of all the incredible action at the Packer's historic Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, having a super-Cheese Head good time, doncha 'kno? And she didn't need a guy around to have all the fun! Her taunting placard read "My cheating EX boyfriend is watching from couch instead".

The woman, identified as Annie Walker, was nice enough not to mention her straying ex's name for all the world to see (she must have felt some leftover residual compassion from Christmas), but her intent to shame him was without a doubt a touchdown pass with only seconds to go on the clock!

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