Monday, December 5, 2011

Pink Friday: Nicki Minaj Barbie Doll Makes Debut

Rap superstar Nicki Minaj is set to be a Barbie Doll!

The chameleon-like "Superbass" singer, who has a penchant for wearing outrageous wigs and outfits (like her infamous pink chicken-wing KFC bling necklace), will see her unique likeness  auctioned off to raise money for charity.

The one-of-a-kind doll is styled from Nicki's appearance on her top selling Pink Friday CD, and features Ms. Minaj decked out in a cotton-candy pink wig, diamond bling necklace and a glittery couture gown, designed exclusively for her!

The doll will be auctioned off for, with the proceeds going to Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that provides meals for people suffering with HIV or AIDS. The doll will be on display at the Divine Design Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles for five days starting Wednesday, December 7. Bids will be received through Dec. 19 with an opening bid starting at $1,000.

Ms. Minaj is thrilled at the honor, telling press at the Billboard's Women in Music in New York City on Friday, ""It's just a one of a kind, limited edition for charity, and so I never thought Mattel would even pay attention to me. For me this is a very major moment, because it just shows that you can come from nothing and still be a force in the main world, a business woman, and hopefully a mogul one day."

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