Friday, February 10, 2012

Booby Prize: Unedited E-Mail Sent to Tornado Preparedness Members Leaves Many Red-Faced

"Mabel, get out here and show your knockers, the twister's comin' this way!"

A company e-mail that was sent out to hundreds of people has left the Oklahoma Insurance Department more than a little red-faced!

A state worker is now facing disciplinary action after sending out an unedited e-mail to hundreds of recipients offering a prize to the "girl with the biggest tits" at the National 2012 Tornado Preparedness Summit. Obviously, someone intended to play a little prank, but the e-mail was not vetted before being sent out by the clueless employee. Many recipients were quite surprised that the main qualification for the Insurance Commissioner's Award for the year would be the size of a woman's breasts, leaving all the qualified male candidates out of the loop and feeling like victims of discrimination. The category was meant to be for outstanding contributions to the insurance industry in tornado preparedness.

A second e-mail was issued to the same recipients twenty minutes later, retracting the booby prize statement and apologizing to anyone who may have taken offense.

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