Monday, February 27, 2012

Village of the Damned: English Towns Re-Named Ashton Kutcher

Photo Courtesy the Daily Mail

Village dwellers in the UK woke up yesterday to find that their little hamlets had mysteriously been re-named...after Two & A Half Men star Ashton Kutcher!

The sleepy English villages of  Ashton Hayes in Cheshire, Ashton under Hill in Worcestershire, Ashton in south Northamptonshire and finally Ashton Keynes in Wiltshire were all re-christened Ashton Kutcher in the middle of the night! 

Most villagers were shocked by the sudden, unannounced name changes! Not only were the town's names changed, but flowers beds sprang up spelling out the star’s name and local pubs were re-named the Ashton Kutcher Arms, serving 3.9% Ashton Kutcher Ale - much to the confusion of many of the regular patrons. Busts and statues of the handsome star were also spotted in local shops and town squares!

It seems that Comedy Central UK wanted to play a bit of a prank on the locals, while promoting the new season of the hit comedy series Two & A Half Men, which is returning to English airwaves with Ashton famously replacing the ousted Charlie Sheen. 

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