Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hull Chainsaw Incident: Video of Chainsaw Bar Fight Released

Shocking surveillance footage of a bizarre attack by a chainsaw wielding man at a bar in the United Kingdom has been released.

The footage, taped last year at the The Endyke Pub in Hull, England, shows 24-year-old Dean Dinnen, who admits to being drunk and on drugs at the time, casually entering the pub with a chainsaw after the establishment had told him he was not allowed to smoke inside of the restaurant. This apparently angered Dinnen so much that he retrieved a chainsaw and returned to search for the gentleman that had tossed him out of the club for smoking.

The disturbing video shows Dinnen brandishing the dangerous weapon at several patrons as he rips open the arm of Adrian Pryor, 32, before realizing that Pryor was not the man who threw him out of the pub. Patrons can be seen scrambling for safety during the attack, with others arming themselves with bar-stools and pool cues to fight off the crazed attacker. Eventually, Dinnen decides to leave the pub, but can be seen being chased down by an angry mob throwing chairs and kegs at the man, intent on bringing the lunatic to justice.

Dinnen pleaded guilty to several charges including causing grievous bodily harm, and was sentenced to three years in prison for the vicious attack.

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