Monday, February 6, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Purse Resembles "Roseanne's" Couch

"If you plan on having that baby here, Jackie, you're definitely not using the quilt!"

If you have a notion to pay homage to the classic sitcom Roseanne and you have an extra $3000 to blow, you can buy a new designer purse...that looks just like the well-used quilt on the Connor family couch...

Italian high fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana seem to have taken a bit of inspiration from the residents of Third & Delaware Streets in the Middle American town of Lanford, Illinois, with their new designer purse, the Miss Sicily Crochet Bag. (They could also be paying homage to that most Sicilian, purse-carrying grandma, Sophia Petrillo of The Golden Girls fame!)

The purse is definitely Retro-kitsch certified, and heavily resembles the crocheted quilt that Dan spilled countless beers on, Roseanne smeared chocolate sauce on and little DJ ralphed all over. Retail outlet Neiman-Marcus describes the bag on their website as " a homespun comfort as it adorns both dressy and casual ensembles."

Seeing that Roseanne is planning a run for the US presidency, just maybe the purse will catch on...

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