Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weee....AHHHHH!!! Roller Coaster Rips Arms & Legs Off Test Dummies

Roller coaster aficionados worldwide will certainly have an "arm raising" experience riding a new thrill ride soon-to-open in the UK.

The new terrifying coaster, dubbed "The Swarm", will be opening at Thorpe Amusement Park in Surrey, England, but the ride just might be a bit too intense, after test dummies strapped in to the coaster lost appendages during a dry run. The top secret coaster cost a reported  £20,000,000 to construct, and stands 127 feet high and reaches speeds up to 62 miles per hour. But test runs for the behemoth creation were more than a little troubling after photographs revealed the amputated arms and legs of the test mannequins.

Thorpe Park, however, claims the dummies lost their limbs in the pursuit of pushing The Swarm to the "absolute limit" because customers wanted the most extreme experience possible, without losing any vital appendages. Mike Vallis, divisional director at the theme park said he was now 100 per cent satisfied the ride met safety standards.
The dummies were apparently damaged when the ride took them too close to a prop church built on the premises. An emergency response team was promptly called in to respond to the problem before the park opens up to the public on March 15.

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