Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stranded: Mysterious Dolphin Deaths Continue Worldwide

The International Fund for Animal Welfare has announced that eleven more dolphins have stranded themselves on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A series of dolphin strandings began in January of this year. The agency states that since January, more than 170 dolphins have been stranded, with 124 of the unique aquatic mammals dying. Experts say that the cause of the strandings is not known at this time.

Similar incidences of dolphin strandings also have been taking place in Peru. Last week, the dead bodies of more than 200 dolphins were discovered scattered along a 150-mile stretch of beach on Peru's Pacific Ocean coast. Large quantities of dead anchovies also washed up on the beaches at the same time. Experts have still not determined an exact cause of the mass animal deaths, but one scientific web site states:

 "This is a very bad sign. We can suspect methane or other poison out-gassing, or perhaps underwater volcanic activity which means more precipitation either of the rain/flood or snow/freeze variety."

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