Monday, February 20, 2012

Outer Limits: Foo Fighters Want to Record Next Album in Space

Multi-Grammy winning rock band The Foo Fighters have announced a rather lofty record their next album in Outer Space!

Lead singer Dave Grohl made the confession to MTV this week, saying he would like a completely original sound to the band's next recording and believes blasting off into outer space just might accomplish this goal. "We have an idea. It's kind of a really big idea. We're going to record it in space. To tape. An analogue moonshot," the outspoken singer has declared. The band's current hit album Wasting Light was recorded on analogue in the garage of Grohl's house.

There's a connection to space in the band's name: Foo Fighters was the secret code name given to Unidentified Flying Objects witnessed by the US military during World War II.

Dave might want to do us all a favor by taking his arch-nemesis Courtney Love (who was married to his former Nirvana band mate, the late Kurt Cobain) along for the ride and kicking her out into the depths of the cold and endless space...

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