Friday, February 24, 2012

Bridge Over the River Norris: Slovaks Vote to Name Bridge After Chuck Norris

"I have a bridge in Slovakia named after me...what do you bring to the plate?"

Action star Chuck Norris has the chance to add another superlative to his list of reasons why he is better than you... the people of the nation of Slovakia will be voting to name a bridge in his honor.

The Walker Texas Ranger actor is extremely popular throughout most of Eastern Europe, where his movies and television shows are still a top draw. The only  two other top names in the running for the bridge, which will span the Morava River and cross the border into neighboring Austria, were Maria Theresa, after an Hungarian empress and the Devinska Cycling Bridge in honor of a nearby historic village. Yeah, like there's any competition there!

The final decision about the name will be up to a regional assembly. But regional governor Pavol Freso has said it would follow the wishes of the local people in the internet ballot where Norris leads as the top choice for the bridge's name by a landslide.

 The voting will run through the month of April. As of Thursday, 1,157 votes have backed Norris, 74% of the total, leaving the runner-up "Maria Theresa Bridge" far behind with a meager 8% of the votes.

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