Monday, February 27, 2012

Going Rogue: Alaska School Covers "Naughty" Statue

A school in Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla, Alaska, has been accused of "going rogue" after complaints that a statue dedicated in front of the school resembles a certain female body part!

The sculpture, called The Warrior Within, began to draw snickers from students and even faculty members soon after it was installed near the school's entrance. Students began to immediately compare it to the female genitalia, causing the students, teachers and parents alike embarrassment each time they passed the 12.5 foot high sculpture, which is carved from stone and concrete and was commissioned by the school for a reported $100,000.

The sculpture's perceived resemblance to a female body part comes from the two carved shields -- one made of bronze, the other aluminum -- that are surrounded by feathers that form the focal point. Three days after the work of art's dedication, the school decided to cover up the sculpture with a large tarpaulin, ostensibly in an effort to "protect the art work from vandals".  The sculpture was later unveiled again, after the artists responsible planned to educate the public on the real meaning of their work of art.

This all seems like that episode of Everyone Loves Raymond, when Raymond's mom creates that unique sculpture for her art class...

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