Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pin It: Mark Zuckerberg Gives His Approval to Pinterest

Facebook founder and billionaire philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg has given his stamp of approval to relative newcomer social media site Pinterest by creating his own profile for the popular site.

The site, which allows members to pin topics of interest to them and share the information with their friends and family, has exploded in popularity over the past six months, becoming one of the most visited new sites on the web, with millions of new members each day. Of course, most Pinterest readers connect to their profiles via their Facebook pages, so perhaps it isn't such a big surprise that Zuckerberg would place his own profile to the site. So far, the busy CEO hasn't pinned many topics of interest to his profile and he is only following a hundred or so profiles belonging to other people.

If Mr. Zuckerberg's profile becomes more active, however, it might definitely be a good sign for the new upstart on the block. "The simple content sharing site can easily be called the hottest start-up of 2012," adds Stan Schroeder from tech site

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