Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Night in Bangkok: NASA Scientist Warns Thai Capital Should Be Moved

A former top scientist with NASA has issued a sobering report warning that the capital of Thailand will have to be relocated within the next decade due to climate change and rising sea levels.

Dr Art-Ong Jumsai na Ayudhya made the startling suggestion while speaking at a seminar on climate change, natural disasters, and the future of Thailand and all of South-East Asia. The scientist claims that Bangkok, with a population estimated at over 12 million people, is sinking several feet each year due to rising sea levels. Intense flooding has hit the city and the nation of Thailand hard over the past several years, with billions of dollars of losses resulting from the rising water levels.

Dr. Ayudhya cited the catastrophic flooding over the past few years and the increase in heavy rains and storms, believing that the situation will only worsen over the next decade. The respected scientist insists that the city should be moved to a region in the northeast of the country, an area less prone to flooding and not as close to the ocean. He stated that the relocation of the capital would take at least 20 years, costing untold billions of dollars as Bangkok will face great difficulties in managing excess water and sewage in the next seven or eight years.

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