Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Imagine: Massive Explosion in Russian Sky Has People Talking

A video of a vivid, electrical explosion filmed by a man driving in his car has gone viral...and caused conspiracy theorists to salivate.

The video, filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia, starts out innocently enough, as a man is listening to the John Lennon classic song "Imagine" while driving down a busy thoroughfare. Suddenly, an immense series of explosions light up the night sky, eerily illuminating the entire skyline, causing the driver to ooh and ahh and other drivers to hit their brakes. At first, the enormous flashes resemble nuclear explosions detonating in the atmosphere!

People have speculated on the Internet that the brilliant flashes of light are "Martians landing" to colonize St. Petersburg, with other Russians saying it is a new weapon designed by Vladimir Putin, the nation's current premiere, who is witnessing great opposition and protests over his rule and alleged political corruption. Russians are set to go to the polls to elect  a new president in March. Many claim it to be an experiment using research from the great Russian scientist, Nikola Tesla, to develop new weapon technology.

The official Russian media has claimed the bright lights witnessed by thousands resulted from an explosion at a nearby electrical substation, but we like the Martians making First Contact theory better...

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