Friday, February 17, 2012

Safe Cracker: Man Buys Safe on eBay with Big $$$ Left Inside

 A Tennessee man is reaping the rewards of buying a safe for $122 on online auction site eBay...and discovering the safe contained more than $26,000!
James Labrecque listed the safe for sale on his eBay account, with the helpful disclaimer "What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back", as he did not have the combination to the safe. Someone was only too eager to snap up the safe for a bargain price, not knowing that it contained a hefty chunk of cold, hard cash.

The winning bidder was very delighted to give Labrecque positive feedback on eBay, letting him know how thankful he was for the "special gift" left inside the vault.  Labrecque quickly tried to convince the buyer to share the treasure trove with no avail. In fact, the buyer quoted Labrecque's helpful disclaimer back to him!

"I made a mistake, you know, that's what it boils down to. And it cost me dearly," says Labrecque, who admits that he did rattle the safe around to see if there was anything inside before selling it.  He also insists that if he bought the safe and discovered the money inside, he would have split the money 50/50 with the seller... Um...okay. Right!

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