Saturday, February 4, 2012

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes: Man Arrested Living with Dead Mother's Corpse

A 25-year-old Tuscon, Arizona, man has been arrested after it was discovered he had been living with the decomposed body of his mother, in a scene right out of the Alfred Hitchcock classic film Psycho (or Mummy Dearest).

Christopher Aguilar was arrested after concerned neighbors contacted the police regarding Aguilar's mother, Carmelita, whom they had not seen for a long period of time. When police arrived at the apartment Aguilar shared with his mother, they were immediately alerted by a rancid stench. Further investigation uncovered the decomposed body of Carmelita located in the bathtub, where apparently it had been for quite a while. The body had decomposed so badly, investigators were unable to initially identify the gender of the corpse.

Authorities are treating the death as a homicide, as the body appeared to be bound at the time of discovery. Presently Aguilar has been charged with one count of abandoning and concealing a body.

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