Thursday, February 9, 2012

Really? French Health Minister's Advice to Homeless: Stay Indoors

A junior Health Minister in France has received ridicule for advising that homeless people "avoid going outdoors" as the continuing deadly European cold snap grips most of the continent.

Junior minister Nora Berra advised on her blog that people susceptible to the bitingly cold Arctic conditions should avoid outdoor activity, including the elderly, the very young, the sick and, of course, the homeless...

Her blog quickly ignited a flurry of comments on twitter, Facebook and other social media web sites, with people enraged that she suggest the homeless remain "in their homes".

Berra quickly erased the message regarding the homeless from her blog following the uproar, tweeting "There are some subjects that lend themselves badly to irony" to her twitter feed yesterday.

The European Deep Freeze, the worst cold snap to hit the continent in decades, has claimed well over three hundred lives in the past several weeks, with the homeless population suffering the most deaths.

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