Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Return of the Jedi: Is There a Space Ship Beneath the Baltic Sea?

Treasure seekers looking for sunken ships at the bottom of the Baltic Sea may have discovered something enormous spacecraft!

Using highly sensitive sonar equipment to chart the bottom of the sea, the shipwreck hunters caught the startling image of a large object located on the ocean floor, which looks a bit like the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft Hans Solo and his hairy buddy Chewbacca piloted through the cosmos in the Star Wars films.

The mystery object lies over three hundred feet beneath the surface of the ocean and has a measurable diameter of over 195 feet. There also appears to be a significant debris trail associated with the object, measuring an incredible 900 feet. The search team is waiting for the Spring and better weather before diving down deep beneath the ocean's surface to investigate precisely what the object is and where it originated.

This all sounds suspiciously like the Michael Crichton novel Sphere, which was made into a movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Sharon Stone, featuring an alien craft buried deep beneath the sea for thousands of years!

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