Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Giant Wakes: Japan's Mt. Fuji Volcano Shows Signs of Awakening

Mount Fuji, the scenic volcano that has long been the symbol of Japan, is now showing signs of increased activity. Reports coming out of Japan claim that Mount Fuji (Fujiyama) is now exhibiting signs of an imminent eruption.

The volcano, the highest point in Japan, is located only sixty-two miles from the capital of Tokyo and can be seen from the metropolis on a clear day. Fuji last erupted in 1707, when a violent eruption took place, which destroyed many villages located at the flank of the mountain and covered nearby Tokyo in a thick layer of ash. Many towns are currently located in the lava flow of the 1707 eruption and would be in danger of being destroyed should the volcano erupt again.

A moderate-sized earthquake located slightly to the west of Fuji took place a few days after the devastating 9.0 earthquake struck near Tokyo in March of last year. According to the report, which includes an unclear photo of the area, a row of new craters, the largest 50 meters in diameter, has appeared on the eastern flank of the volcano at 2200 meter elevation. Steam was observed erupting from these vents.

Mount Fuji is one of the Three Holy Mountains of Japan, which also includes Mount Tate and Mount Haku. Japanese scientists and authorities are currently monitoring the situation for any changes in the volcano's status.

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