Thursday, February 9, 2012

Facebook Murders: Social Network "De-Friending" Leads to Murder, Say Police

Police say that a young couple slaughtered in their home were victims of a father who had become enraged after the husband and wife had "de-friended" his daughter on the social network site Facebook.

Authorities in Mountain City, Tennessee, have arrested 60-year-old Marvin Potter for the First Degree murders of Billy Payne Jr, 36, and his 23-year-old girlfriend Billie Jean Hayworth. The couple's eight-month-old baby daughter was found unharmed, still in her dead mother's arms after the fatal shooting. Both had been shot point-blank in the head, while the male victim also had his throat slashed. 

Investigators claim that the couple had complained that Potter's daughter had been harassing them via the social network site as well as by cellular telephone, after the pair had both deleted her as a friend on Facebook. Authorities believe this simple act brought about the murder plot, as Potter and another man, identified as Jamie Curd, 38, plotted to murder the couple in a revenge-style "honor" killing for their alleged "disrespecting" of Potter's daughter. 

Potter and Curd were both arraigned yesterday, with Potter's initial bond set at $1.5 million. Both suspects remain in jail. 

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