Thursday, October 6, 2011

Idiots, Murderers & Bears! Oh, My! Man Planned to Kill Ex-Girlfriend Dressed in Bear Hide

An Upstate New York man has been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder by hiring an acquaintance to off his ex-girlfriend... dressed up in a bear skin! When the man, Carl Garner, discovered that killing a bear and skinning it isn't as easy as it sounded, he approached a friend to see if he would run over his ex with his car and if that didn't work, to slash her throat with a piece of glass. The would-be murderer was skimpy with the money though, only handing over $500 to the pal to commit the deed. The former pal wasn't impressed with the money offered, so he went to the police and turned the guy in!

Full story from our friends at The Frisky:

Man plots to kill ex dressed as a bear!

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