Thursday, October 6, 2011

Put Your Hands Up! Kylie Minogue Receives Honorary Doctorate

International superstar singer Kylie Minogue was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Essex in the UK yesterday for her tireless campaign to promote breast cancer detection and awareness. The 43-year-old Australian native experienced a personal battle with the disease when she was diagnosed with having cancer six years ago. She endured a year of grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatment before being given the all-clear by doctors. Clearly excited by the honor, she took to twitter to announce: "Robes pressed and ready? Check! Still in the car after 2 and a half hours? Check! Loads of welcome invites from Essex? Check! (ta!)" Congratulations on the great honor, Kylie.

From the Daily Mail:

Kylie Minogue Receives Honorary Doctorate

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