Saturday, November 12, 2011

Adam Sandler Delivers Early Thanksgiving Turkey

Even though it is less than two weeks until the Thanksgiving holiday, it looks as if actor Adam Sandler has already delivered an early turkey in the form of his new comedy film Jack and Jill!

The film received a dreaded 0% approval rating on the film review web site Rotten Tomatoes. The film features Sandler in a dual, cross-dressing role as a man who has his Thanksgiving holiday ruined by a visit from his insufferably annoying twin sister. The movie co-stars Katie Holmes as Sandler's wife. Apparently, even a cameo appearance by the legendary star Al Pacino isn't enough to keep this turkey fresh until Thanksgiving Day.

Reviews from the official critics have not been kind, either:

Rolling Stone magazine says, "Jack and Jill is total bust, a stupefyingly unfunny and shamelessly lazy farce packed with cringe-worthy jokes and overt product placement."

The New York Times adds, "It's pretty sad if you're a comic and Al Pacino is the funniest thing in your movie."

Gobble, gobble, Mr. Sandler:

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