Friday, November 18, 2011

Welcome to the DollHouse: Baby Doll That Curses

"Put me under the Christmas tree this year & I'll set your kids straight!"

Parents looking for a sweet and innocent gift to give to their children this Christmas might want to avoid one particular doll on the market: A doll that swears like Gordon Ramsay!

Parents have been complaining that the You & Me Interactive Triplets doll set talks like a drunk sailor on a three-day bender in Singapore. Several parents are certain that, among the giggling and googling baby talk the doll emits, comes the always lively street phrase, "Hey, crazy Bitch!"

Now, the manufacturer of the doll says that its product is recommended for children over the age of 2, but there is no mention of any profanity in the instruction manual. Retail giant Toys 'R Us, which keeps the doll in stock, has received a number of complaints about the cursing toy, but claims that it is indeed just speaking gibberish and people are hearing things. The company has no plans to remove the toy from its shelves, but advises parents that they will be able to return the doll with a store receipt if they are offended by its innocent gurgling.

You can decide for yourself if Potty Mouth Patty is cursing or not in the video below:

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