Thursday, November 24, 2011

Twilight Fans Having Seizures During Birth Scene

"Come it to watch the excitement, Stay for the seizures!"

Fans of the latest film in the Twilight series are literally having seizures in the aisles of the local cinema, and it's not from seeing stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson shirtless!

Several people have complained of experiencing seizures during an intense birthing scene in Breaking Dawn: Part I involving the character of Bella, played by Kristen Stewart. One movie-goer in Roseville, California, began seizing during the scene and fell to the floor while “convulsing, snorting, and trying to breathe” according to witnesses on the scene. The man, Brandon Gephart, woke up on the theater floor, with no memory of the incident. Paramedics were summoned to the theater and the screening of the smash-hit film was subsequently canceled. Gephart was examined at the hospital and released later that night.

Similar incidents have been reported during the same scene, which contains quick flashes of red, black and white across the screen, which may trigger episodes of photosensitive epilepsy. A well-known incident took place during the early-90s with an episode of the Japanese cartoon series Pokemon, which caused hundreds of children throughout Japan to have sudden seizures. Wearing sunglasses with cheap blue lenses can filter the red light for moviegoers who want to be on the safe side and not crumble up on the dirty theater floor while having a seizure.

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