Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blue Light Special: K-Mart Thief Dances His Way to Jail

A dance-happy thief was caught on camera getting his groove on while merrily shoplifting women's clothing at a K-Mart department store in Gloucester Township, New Jersey. The twinkle-toed thief was seen on surveillance video shaking his groove thing as he went about stuffing a variety of female garments, including a red party dress, beneath his tee shirt and into the crotch of his shorts!

The Baryshnikov protegee made good use of being light on his feet when confronted by store security, as he did a little jeté to avoid being carted away to jail, where he would be very popular on Dance Night! He's still at large and probably practicing his moves while playing Just Dance on Wii at this very moment...wearing that sexy red party dress. You can watch the Blue Light Special bandit and his best dance moves in the video below:


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