Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Diamonds Are a Man's Best Friend? Engagement Rings for Men Gaining Popularity

"Admit it, this dainty diamond ring on my well-manicured yet manly hand makes me look très sexy..."

If she likes it, then she'd better put a ring on it...

So-called "management rings" are gaining in popularity in the US, with forward-thinking couples who want to share in the sparkling engagement experience. Amanda Gizzi from the Jewelry Information Center reports that "engagement rings for men are a new concept here in the United States. Men and women both wear engagement rings in a lot of countries around the world. For the United States it has never been our tradition. Therefore, it is a foreign concept to most people." 

 Gizzi also says that in the US, the idea is more focused on a new-found equality - ideal for men who wish to indicate to the world they they, too, are off the market while hitting a club for a stag's party. Other experts in the jewelry field are not so optimistic about the trend spreading, especially during the current economic malaise sweeping the country.

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