Friday, November 18, 2011

What Not to Wear: The Situation Sues Abercrombie & Fitch for Asking Him Not to Wear Their Clothes

Reality "star" Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has filed a mega-bucks law suit against gay porn clothing producer Abercrombie & Fitch.

A few months back, the high-end, trendy retail outlet said (with tongue planted firmly in hollowed-out cheek a la Zoolander) that they would pay The Sitch a million dollars if he would not wear their clothes on his MTV reality caper The Jersey Shore or while attending red carpet events. Apparently, the Situation thought that they were serious about the deal and is now suing them for $4 million for not handing over a big, over-sized check covered in glitter and pink bows.

In a law suit filed in a Florida federal court, the Italian Stallion claims A&F "embarked on a grand, worldwide advertising campaign using Sorrentino's name, image and likeness to create brand awareness for its products by falsely claiming that Defendant had offered money to Sorrentino if he would stop wearing Defendant's goods". 

Sorrentino, 30, was often seen wearing the retailer's outfits while trying to score some nookie from Snooki on Jersey Shore, and was wearing A&F track pants on the much-ballyhooed season premiere of the show which was filmed in Florence, Italy, over the summer. Sorrentino and his production company MTS also complained in the suit about A&F's use of his catch phrase "Gym. Tanning. Laundry" (GTL) as well as the phrase "The Fitchuation" used on some of their clothing. He has been A&F free in photographs since August, so put your money where your mouth is and pay the man! 

"I'm too sexy for these pants..."

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