Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ghosts of the Gobi: Google Earth Photographs Strange Chinese Structures

Google Earth has released images of strange, mammoth structures in the Gobi desert of China that has the Internet community (as well as world governments) speculating just exactly what the superpower is up to!

The images show immense structures in the remote part of the desert where China carries out top secret military as well as nuclear testing. Some people have been overlaying the lines and grid patterns over maps of US cities, speculating that the nation is planning a surprise attack on the United States, Europe or Japan. When zoomed in, the carcasses of burned-up vehicles, planes and buildings can be seen in the disturbing images.

This is the second time in a number of days that the search giant has published photographs of Top Secret facilities. Last week it published pictures of Iranian facilities which the UN says may be used to develop nuclear weapons.

The satellite images were taken in October, 2010. Last year, startling images of the Chinese "Ghost Cities" were released. Massive, nearly-empty cities have been constructed throughout China, at a cost of trillions of dollars. A majority of these ghost cities, which could house millions of people, remain nearly empty of citizens, prompting wide-spread speculation about the stability of the Chinese economy. Added together with the images of the bizarre, Nazca-like lines and structures in the Gobi Desert, the mystery deepens. The images were released just as Chinese State run media released a scathing attack on US President Barack Obama, condemning his global economic and political policies.

The images show an immense network of lines and structures

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