Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coupon Queen + 8: Kate Gosselin Pays the Rent Cutting Coupons

Reality tool star Kate Gosselin, unemployed since TLC canceled her series Kate + 8, has a new job. No, it's not pimping out her brood of octuplets on television... she will be the new Coupon Bitch Queen! Seems the former Dancing with the Stars reject can't find a new TV gig (or a regular 9 to 5 job) to feed her litter children, so she has found employment as a blogger. (That's right, take money away from me, when I'm so damned nice!)

Kate will be blogging about how to save big bucks while shopping over at She'll be revealing all kinds of helpful hints, like how to keep your $100 manicure perfect while cutting out coupons, how to save coupons covered in Kool Aid & Hershey squirt stains as well as how to make the cashier at the Buy 'N Bag cry when she refuses to honor that $1 off coupon on Summer's Eve Douche that expired last year! Life changing advice from the Queen of Nice!

Her first blog post will debut on November 22, just in time for the Black Friday rush!

Photo Credit: TLC

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