Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Change of Days: Blind Kitten Plays with His First Toy

It's another Break Out the Waterworks animal video for you today, guys. So, get your Kleenex handy!

In this video, we have Oskar the blind kitten, who was recently adopted (by some obviously incredible people!). Chances are, without being adopted, little Oskar would not have had much of a life and probably would have died out in the wild or have been euthanized.

Fortunately for our fearless little creature, he found an amazing and loving home. In the above heart-warming and deeply moving video, we see Oskar enjoying his first time playing with toys! Although he cannot see the simple toy balls, he can hear the ringing of their bells and looks and behaves like any other kitten having a wonderful time playing and running free as the wind.

Backed by a beautiful song ("Change of Days" by Smith's Cloud Band), I hope you are as moved by the video as I was...

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