Saturday, November 5, 2011

No One Cares About You: Truth Too Real to Be Denied

No one cares about you... At the end of the day, this is the one thing we all need to be aware. I don't mean no one cares about you in your daily life... hopefully, we all have family & friends that love us and want what is best for us. The bigger picture, however, will paint a completely different story.

There comes a point when the truth is too obvious and evident to be denied. As the very social fabric of our lives as global citizens is ripping to shreds all around us, a majority of people have chosen to remain in complete denial. The thing about denial is that no matter how hard we try, denying or ignoring the truth about what is taking place doesn't make it all go away. It doesn't make the truth untrue. And, perhaps most importantly, it does not protect you, your family, your loved ones, your home or your way of life. 

Yes, you are being lied to...but not by me. The truth is bombarding us each and every day now. Even with the filter of national media conveniently leaving out the major details, there is simply no way to hide what this  is at this point in time. It is the massive pink elephant dancing in the room. She's wearing a tutu and ballet slippers and doing pirouettes. She's still an elephant, however, and as graceful as she might be, she's going to step on your toes eventually. And it's going to hurt...terribly.

Common sense and basic human instincts should be telling you where all of this is leading. It's not like you are not being warned, with handy little sound bites, on a daily and continuous basis. There's only one direction all of this can be going, only one route, and it is marked with obvious and very clear signs. Most of us are mindlessly trudging down that road, busying ourselves with Dancing with the Stars or the mundane details of Kim Kardashian's divorce, as ninety percent of the human population live on the edge of the abyss. And people are already starting to fall off the edge, in ever-growing and disturbing numbers. You are hearing their stories every day, too. Those scary stories that make your heart sink when you hear them on the news as you wash the dishes or take out the trash. The stories that cause you to turn the switch off in your conscience, the one that you access when the threat of danger presents itself. Cognitive's what keeps us together...temporarily.

So you see, No One Cares About You. If they did, we would all be self-aware and prepared. We would all know exactly what it was that we needed to do. We would all be acting as one, working together to help one another and to spread the truth. This, however, does not fit the plan of others, people who wish to exert power over you and to control your life. Knowledge is power.

The stories are going to grow more intense and disturbing as the weeks and months progress. The train left the station some time ago, and it's barreling down the mountain slope with nothing to slow it down. Listen and learn. Listen to your own instincts. Learn to trust them. Shut off the news and listen to your family, friends and co-workers. From them will come the real news. The only truth that matters.

You can make the statement No one cares about you untrue in your own life.

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