Tuesday, November 8, 2011

North to Alaska: Ferocious Storm to Hit Alaska Could Be "Worst in History"

A highly dangerous storm is bearing down on Alaska, and meteorologists are warning that it could be one of the worst storms ever to hit the state.

The National Weather Service out of Fairbanks has dubbed the tempest "the Bering Sea Superstorm" and are warning citizens to prepare for hurricane force winds, severe beach erosion, and major coastal flooding from an unprecedented storm surge. Other areas of the state will also be facing intense blizzard conditions, with heavy snowfall and high-velocity winds expected. “This will be one of the most severe Bering Sea storms on record,” the National Weather Service warned today. “This storm has the potential to produce widespread damage.”

Local authorities cautioned that the storm would be potentially life-threatening, and advised people to prepare now with food and fresh water supplies and to take shelter within their homes during the storm. A ban on non-essential travel will also be in place. A direct hit is expected on the town of Nome, where conditions will resemble a snow hurricane.

Due to the storm, the first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System that is to take place tomorrow has been canceled in Alaska.

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