Friday, November 4, 2011

The Big Chill: Forecasters Warn of Siberia-Like Winter for Great Britain & Europe

Photo Credit: BBC

Meteorologists are warning residents of the UK and Europe that this may be the nastiest and coldest winter yet, even worse than the devastating Deep Freeze of last winter, when satellite photographs showed the entire island of Great Britain and a large part of Ireland covered in snow!

Winter weather is expected to arrive with a vengeance with temperatures dipping well below zero within the next two weeks. Forecasters are warning residents that heavy snow may fall far earlier in the season than last year, when early November snow storms and bone-chilling temperatures created travel chaos throughout Britian and Northern Europe.

The stark warning came as the Meteorological Agency told various governmental agencies to prepare now for extreme weather events and to take extra steps to protect public transport and people's lives. Last year, road crews ran out of salt and grit used to clear snow and ice early in the season due to the heavy snow, creating a travel nightmare across most of Great Britain and Ireland.

Residents are being warned to stock up on extra supplies of food and bottled water as well as extra fuel and light sources due to the possibility of power failures and black-outs. Residents are also being urged to check-in frequently with elderly neighbors during extreme cold snaps.

The Met Office UK said: "Our excess winter mortality, of an average 25,000 extra deaths in winter compared to other months of the year - 80 per cent thought to be due to the cold - is very poor compared to other countries in Europe. The aim of the cold weather alerts is to reduce winter mortality by allowing action to be taken, helping people and patients reduce the risks of cold weather."


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