Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Monster is Unrepentant: Judge Williams Refuses to Apologize for Shocking Abuse of Disabled Daughter

The Dishonorable Judge William Adams

Yesterday, I blogged the horrifying story of Court-at-Law Judge William Adams from Aransas County, Texas, who was caught on video unrelentingly and mercilessly beating his disabled teenaged daughter Hillary with a belt. The video was from 2004 but only surfaced this week after Hillary decided that she had to do something about the continual harassment she was receiving from her obviously deeply disturbed father. Now 24, Hillary, who suffers from a form of cerebral palsy, released the disturbing video to the social news aggregate website The video, which shows Judge Adams plainly striking his daughter with the belt as hard as he can more than twenty times while yelling out a stream of profanity as she screams out in intense pain, immediately exploded across the Internet.

As the fury over the video continues, the whack job Judge Adams remains unrepentant and arrogant about the obviously illegal abuse of his own flesh and blood. As a family judge, he has probably sent multiple parents to jail for lesser forms of abuse! (Or maybe not, I'm sure a thorough audit of all of this idiot's rulings is well under way and that more than likely he has destroyed the lives of countless families and created needless suffering of children through his distorted and misogynistic views on life.)

In a public statement, the vile monster Judge Adams proclaims, "It was a long time ago.. I really don't want to get into this right now because as you can see my life's been made very difficult over this child. In my [crazed lunatic] mind I have not done anything wrong other than discipline my child when she was caught stealing. I did lose my temper, I've apologized.. it looks worse than it is." To further point out his intense and dangerous narcissism, he classically blames the victim for causing him discomfort: "She's mad because I've ordered her to bring the car back, in a nutshell, but yeah that's me, I lost my temper."(Freud would have a field day with this nut case!)

The video, secretly filmed by a webcam set up in Hillary's room, also shows her mother berating her before taking the belt from Adams and striking her daughter one time as well. Hillary claims that she does not blame her mother, who suffered terrible emotional and physical abuse from the deranged Judge Adams, and has since divorced his sad and sorry ass (lucky for her!). 

A formal investigation into the abuse is under way, and belated assault charges against the Judge are not out-of-the-question. As Adams is seeking re-election, it goes without saying that all voters in his district need to be aware and view the disgusting abuse he dishes out to a helpless, disabled teenage girl before heading out to the polls. Don't let this monster anywhere near a judge's bench!

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