Friday, November 4, 2011

In the Belly of the Whale: Surfer Almost Swallowed Whole by Humpback Whale

A female surfer in Santa Cruz, California, almost played out a real life version of the classic Bible story Jonah and the Whale when a large humpback whale almost swallowed her whole!

The bikini-clad surfer was enjoying a beautiful Halloween day as her friend recorded her activities. As the surfer approached two people in a kayak for a conversation about the fascinating creatures, a whale breaches the water mere feet from where she is paddling on her surfboard, momentarily looking as if she had been swallowed up by the feeding humpback whale as it scoops up a large school of fish into its enormous mouth! There were actually two whales in the video, exhibiting "lung feeding" behavior, as they hunt in pairs, herding anchovies and other fish and shooting straight up out of the water with their mouths wide open to catch as many fish as they can at a time.

It was a shocking close encounter with Mother Nature we are sure the surfer will never forget:

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